for Agencies

We are your partner for all audio-visual challenges of your customers.

We advise you which storytelling, which type of production,

which style and which approach is promising,

whether and how the ideas fit into the budget.

Flexible to the capacities in your company, we seamlessly integrate ourselves into your projects,

and deliver everything required, offering  a creative and effective implementation for your projects need.

 “You can look forward to tailor-made service
by an experienced and creative team at competitive prices.
Ask us for the film projects of your customers  from web video to TV commercials,
and for audio visual solutions for Product Presentation, Show/Event or Trade Fair   “

Idea, Treatment, Storyboard, Script: According to your needs, we develop

creative, feasible and budget-safe audio- visual concepts that will impress your customers.

Successfully, we design Digital Content, Commercials, representative Corporate- and Image Films,

Product Presentations, Tutorials and Branded Content for social media campaigns.

Since 2016 we produce and design 360° videos

and develop interactive virtual reality and mixed reality applications.

Shape the future together with us!

And if you want to win your dream customer first:

We are happy to participate in joint pitches.

“Dare new things and control the tried and tested.
These are the pre-conditions we offer to implement your campaign in an innovative and well targeted manner.”


We are successful in business for over 10 years ,

Experience you can rely on.

Besides our creative in-house team,

we have a large freelancer network right at our fingertips

This enables us to quickly recruit on-site teams,

both nationally and internationally.

This saves time and travel expenses. A film crew in the States,

China or anywhere else in the world? We’ll handle it!

Fullservice Film Production

Central project management of the entire production

Flexible in team and technology, tailored to the project

Inhouse: Directors / DoP / Production / Post Production

National and international pool of creative and technical freelancers

Production of scenic and documentary formats

360° Video/ Virtual Reality

Aerial shots / Gimbal

3D Scans of Rooms, Objects, Buildings


We cover all central services of postproduction
in-house, for more efficiency and predictable deadlines.

Complex 2D and photorealistic 3D animations
are realized by external experts who have been on board with us for years.

One of our specialities: the good sound!

We compose and produce music and sound design in our
own recording studio.

The perfect coordination of image and sound, as well as the entire production
guarantees you a profitable presentation to the customer.

Video Editing


Motion Design

Color Grading

2D/3D Animation – VR/ 360° ready

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

3D Projection Mapping/ Projected AR

Music Production / Score Composing/ Sounddesign

“A well-coordinated and motivated team of creative people awaits you,
who is going to make your production perfect.”